Why is Leadership Spending Without Input?

A few weeks ago, I joined a few of my freshman colleagues to discuss our first few months in office, where I expressed my frustration on the partisanship I’ve seen so far in Washington.

That same partisanship was in full effect again last night, when the House of Representatives took up the Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations bill –  the first 12 spending bills that will make up the staggering $1.9 trillion in spending the Majority has approved for their budget this year.

With government spending out of control, House Leadership should publicly air and defend their spending, but instead they shut down the US House of Representatives after just 22 minutes of debate of the first FY10 appropriations bill!  Then, instead of an open process that included the entire House, they took their bloated spending bill to the heavy-handed Rules Committee for a secret and un-televised session to limit further transparency of their spending habits.

In total, Congressional Leadership shut out 94 amendments, including one of my own.  The majority of these amendments would have eliminated billions of dollars in wasteful government spending and better prioritized how Washington spends taxpayer dollars.   Instead, the American people are left to wonder what decisions were made and why House Leadership chose partisanship over transparency.

This is exactly what I mean when I say Congress is broken. The American people deserve and demand better.


2 responses to “Why is Leadership Spending Without Input?

  1. You have hit the nail on the head. How did our Democracy ever get put into the position of working under a FAscist regeime and a Socialist goverment. I am hard pressed to find a way to stop it or at least wake it up to the fact that they are bankrupting the country!!!!! I write to Ninny Paloosi almost every day and I bet it gets dropped in teh circular file as so as some lowly plebe reads it and finds out it is negative.

    I alos write to my senator (tkae the term lightly). She also never answers anything I ask about.

    The question I have for all Congressmen os??? Will you change you health care coverage and go with the healthcare plan that you are currently shoving down my throat (without reasonable representation) . YES or NO. I do not need any bull answer. I think the question is faily strightforward. The Kennedy Bill states that Congress is exempt!!!!. Why can’t congress live by teh same health care constraints as us poor underlings that they are so quickly trying to convince we need a new system, RUN BY the GOVERNMENT!!!!!!

    If teh Bill passes, Will Medicare and Medicade come under teh new health casre bill??? If so, we are really behind teh eightball. The NEW health care system that will replace the old healthcare system (RUN BY THE GOVERNMENT) and start out $$$$$10000 of bullions of $$$$$$$ in the red. Think about that. Should I trust the government to set up a multi-trillion dollar system that they have already shown me thay cannot control. wHO IS THE KEEPER OF THIS ZOO!!!!!!!!


  2. Yeah, I agree Congress is broken but I’m the “American people” and don’t know how to fix it. I’ve been demanding for over 20 years and it keeps getting worse. Any suggestions?

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