Gvmt Programs That Aren’t Working

One of Ronald Regan’s most poignant quotes was when he called government programs “the nearest thing to eternal life we will ever see on this earth.”

President Reagan’s point was simple – government will not voluntarily reduce its size on its own.  Politicians, bureaucrats and interest groups continuously fight against  efforts to shrink or eliminate government programs and spending to protect their interests.   The result is a government that has ballooned  far beyond its means in the last several years.

The sheer enormity of the federal government has resulted in many programs that are redundant, wasteful, ineffective, or past their expiration date.

This week, I joined the recently-formed Sunset Caucus with several of my colleagues in Congress – a group aimed at shrinking the size of government by eliminating wasteful government spending and programs.  In other words, wasteful government programs will finally “sunset”, rather than continue to drain money from American taxpayers.

The Sunset Caucus requires its members to identify one or more federal program that has outlived its usefulness or should never have been enacted and work to either repeal or de-fund the program.  I will continue my work to halt payments to the Nuclear Waste Fund, which has already collected over $375 million from Minnesotans – and over $30 billion nationwide – to fund a nuclear repository at Yucca Mountain that does not exist and is not being built.

As government spending and deficits continue to skyrocket, the American people are looking for real action that will shrink the size of government and eliminate wasteful spending.  For too long, politicians have merely paid lip service to these issues.  The Sunset Caucus will push for action when it comes to eliminating government waste.



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