Congressman Erik Paulsen Statement on Cap and Trade Legislation

Congressman Erik Paulsen Statement on Cap and Trade Legislation


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Erik Paulsen issued the following statement regarding far-reaching “cap and trade” legislation (H.R. 2454), legislation voted on today by the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Reducing emissions and strengthening our environment are important priorities that I support.  However, the “cap and trade” bill before us today is the wrong approach to addressing this issue.  This bill places a massive national energy tax on every resident of the 3rd District, as well as all Americans.  Additionally, it will increase costs for everything from electricity to gasoline to everyday goods, while also eliminating jobs and making America less competitive around the globe.

In the midst of the worst economy in over 70 years, this legislation will only exacerbate the situation by increasing energy costs for every sector of our economy.  America needs a comprehensive energy solution to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and jump-start our economy, but it should not be at the expense of jobs or the American taxpayer.”

Paulsen is a co-sponsor of comprehensive energy legislation that would:

–          Extend alternative and renewable energy production and investment tax credits to build clean energy infrastructure for American-produced energy such as solar, wind, biomass, landfill gas, hydropower and wave technology, among many others.

–          Boost domestic supplies of energy by exploring in the Outer Continental Shelf.

–          Provide funding for Carbon Free Technology and nuclear energy – a zero emissions, renewable base-load energy source.



5 responses to “Congressman Erik Paulsen Statement on Cap and Trade Legislation

  1. Marjorie Holsten

    Thanks for voting No Erik.

  2. Wind power uses more energy to produce and use than most others.
    Your last two paragraphs are right on though. Nuclear, particularly, produces clean energy, uses small space and there is technology which reuses it. Wish we could get over the China Syndrome mentality and go with it. Right on, Rep. Paulsen.

  3. Thank you for your NO vote on H.R. 2454 energy tax rip-off.

    Also, thank you for sponsoring alternative legislation.

    Major concern is OPEC. Even Donald Trump was on Greta’s show last night reminding the American public how OPEC is destroying the U.S and laughing about it. We need to do something, but most of these Democrats have been already bought and paid for by lobbyists. When our own President bows to the Saudi Arabia King and begs for cheap oil–we are in big trouble.

    Continue the good fight. Our lives depend on you and other good Republicans!

  4. Thanks for voting against the H.R. 2454 Bill.

    I agree that we need an energy policy that dramatically reduces our need for foreign oil while allowing our economy to grow.

    We need a policy that allows for pursuit of “all” domestic sources of oil and coal, encourages a dramatic increase in nuclear energy power plants and allows for reprocessing/recycling of nuclear waste .

  5. Thanks for voting no on CAP & Trade

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