Paulsen Co-Sponsors Bill to Showcase Actual Cost of Cap-and-Trade

Paulsen Co-Sponsors Bill to Showcase Actual Cost of Cap-and-Trade

Bill Would Require Itemization on Utility Bill of Taxes Brought by Cap and Trade

WASHINGTON  – With the U.S. House set to vote on “cap and trade” legislation, Congressman Erik Paulsen (MN-03) has joined several colleagues in co-sponsoring The Cap and Trade Disclosure Act, a bill that would require utility companies to separately itemize the impact of cap-and-trade taxes on the utility bills of every American.  Under this proposal, consumers would be able to easily identify the actual cost that cap-and-trade policies have on electricity costs.

“The cap-and-trade bill is a massive tax increase on the American people,” said Paulsen.  “If Congress is going to pass this legislation, every effort should be made to ensure Minnesotans, and all Americans, know the actual cost for them and their families.  Regardless of where you stand on cap and trade as a policy, we should all agree that transparency and full disclosure are right for American taxpayers.

According to analyses, this bill could not only increase gas prices by up to 77 cents per gallon, it would increase overall energy costs for Minnesotans from as much as $300 to $3,100 per year.

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3 responses to “Paulsen Co-Sponsors Bill to Showcase Actual Cost of Cap-and-Trade

  1. Very disappointing Congressman. I think it’s a fine amendment, but not a reason to keep this legislation moving. Watching coverage on CSPAN (as the news channels are preoccupied with MJ’s death). The GOP rants over this bill are a bit over the top.

    Everyone should be acting like grownups here instead of name calling, and using the Speaker’s name like a slur.

  2. I am for a requirement that all bills must be read by our congress and senate before they vote on them. Fast-Tracking means they won’t get read and congress is responsible for bills that will cost us Trillions of dollars!

  3. Why is it that the Democrats are writing proactive bills that match their agendas, and we are writing reactive bills after the fact. Basically they are on offense and we are on defense. This bill, while it is a clever idea, is similar to the itemization of telecom taxes on our phone bills. How long has the itemization of Universal Services Fund been on our phone bills. Yet, we are still paying the tax.

    Everytime I write a check to my electric company for to the gas station for more money than before, I will ne thinking “taxation, without representation, you san be sure iof that!

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