Moving Forward with Medical Technology

Minnesota ranks fourth in the nation in the number of jobs provided through the medical technology industry, with over 18,000.  These are high-paying jobs that strengthen the economy in the Third District and the state as a whole. Moreover, the innovation and research performed by these companies often lead to new, better and sometimes life-saving health care technologies for those in need.

As a co-chair of the House Medical Technology Caucus, I am well aware of the positive impact Minnesota’s medical technology industry has on the health of our citizens, as well as our overall economy.

Research and development is at the heart of medical technology.  Today, I authored an amendment aimed at expanding innovative health care research and technological advances.

The amendment, which was added  to The Enhancing Small Business Research and Innovation Act of 2009 that passed the House this afternoon, adds medical technology to the list of commercialization and research topics that deserve special consideration for federal research funding.  This will help smaller medical technology companies, who face major challenges in terms of up front research and development costs, continue to bring new and better technologies to our health care portfolio.

You can watch my floor remarks on the amendment HERE.

Not only does medical technology help save lives and increase life expectancy, it has been shown to reduce costs in countless cases.  Providing a mechanism for Minnesota’s small businesses and medical technology companies to fund research projects, clinical trials and new technologies will only improve health care quality and lower overall costs for Americans.



5 responses to “Moving Forward with Medical Technology

  1. The medical device industry is another reason for Minnesotans to resist the nationalization of medicine. Also, Minnesota has the Mayo Clinic system as a valuable state resource that brings millions of dollars into the state. And, Minnesota attracts Canadians on medical reputation alone to a number of our cities for health care services. Why would Minnesotans want to put all this at risk by adopting nationalization of medicine?

  2. “aimed at expanding innovative health care research and technological advances”

    “deserve special consideration for federal research funding”

    More government expansion. More federal funding. Thanks, but no thanks. This is not what we need. Less regulation, less intervention, lower taxes. The only thing that will save healthcare is to get the government completely out of it. Why is it that we don’t have a shoe cost or availability crisis? Why is it that we don’t have a computer cost or availability crisis? Because the government hasn’t yet got its tentacles into these markets. Let the markets work.

  3. Dave Anderson

    Your amendment if good and will help Minnesota jobs.
    The total bill is where I have a problem with when the Government will be taking over the health care system and in the long run force all people to the Government plan.
    We need a plan that keeps government out of running health care and also no increase in cost to the people.
    We need also to understand just how many people do not have health care from what I hear their are many people that do not want to buy health care that can afford it and also the illeagals that are in the country are also included in the bill.
    We should exclude illeaglals from receiving health care free from emergency rooms at hospitals except only in life theating situations.
    Give them a reason to go back to whee they came from.
    This would also solve our employment problem with many illeagles working on jobs that Americans could do.
    How about just using COMMON SENSE in making decisions..

    Thanks Dave

  4. Gene Christensen

    Let’s keep illegals out of ER’s so they can spread TB and other communicable diseases throughout the community instead- that’s common sense!
    We don’t have an air traffic crisis because we kept the gov’t out of that. And I have clean water to drink because we kept the gov’t out of that. I want the gov’t out of everything, but I want them to keep costs down too – there’s more common sense.

  5. Gene Christensen

    Newt Gingrich on health care:

    I was for it, before I was against it.

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