Medical Device Tax Hearing

Yesterday, I held a field hearing in Plymouth to examine the impact of the proposed medical device tax.  During the hearing, I heard stories from five panelists who testified about the impact this tax would have on  Minnesota jobs, medical innovation and patients.  Minnesota’s medical device industry is an American success story –and a tax on the medical device industry is the last thing Minnesota’s economy needs.

This is a critical issue and yesterday’s hearing was the subject of several news stories, which are available below.

To see the television clips, CLICK HERE.

You can read about the hearing via the following links:

+  Star Tribune Story, Pleas to spare med-tech firms from federal tax

+ Minnesota Public Radio, Rep Paulsen says medical device tax a ‘wrongheaded approach’

+ Finance and Commerce, Medical device makers argue against fee in health care legislation


One response to “Medical Device Tax Hearing

  1. Unless we tax, where does the money come from. Agree that the medical device tax is bad news but lost jobs? Where is the proof? We hear this all the time and it has become a meaningless political statement. If you tax business, jobs are lost. But what if the product is still needed? We tax cigarettes and people with the addiction or “need” for the product still buy it. I would supposed a heart valve falls in the same catergory.
    Inusrance rates go up because the public and the doctors do NOT what anything costs. You need to fix the knowledge problem about costs right away or costs will continue to go up.
    Remember that the ATM machines would save labor costs at banks and were mostly free to use in the beginning. Then the banks figured out how to charge a fee for withdrawing you money at an ATM. It is still free at the bank. Who is wagging the dog here?
    I like what you do but I am not convinced that taxes are hurtful when a big need needs to be fixed. I am going in a cirlce just like you guys. Unless people know what basic service costs and it is out of their pockets, cost will continue to sky rocket.
    Best wishes on the fight to control costs.

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