Where are the jobs?

Today we reached a 26-year milestone no one can be proud of: a 10.2% national unemployment rate, the highest since 1983. More than one in ten Americans are currently without a job. The job market remains dismal and it is hitting Americans in a very personal way. Whether family, friend or colleague, we all know someone that is being affected by the continued upswing in unemployment.

The blame for this can be placed in many different places. However, I believe the misplaced priorities of a spending-happy Washington has exacerbated many of the problems. Rather than focusing on real policies to create jobs, Congress and the Administration has instead passed a misguided stimulus, a lavish federal budget, and is now proposing a 1,990 page health care bill that will actually tax businesses even more, instead of helping them grow. In short, the leadership in Washington is saddling Minnesotans and all Americans with more taxes, more government bureaucracy, and less opportunities for prosperity.

Since I entered Congress, I’ve heard over and over from Minnesotans that their number one priority is jobs. Congress’s focus must be putting people back to work. However, we can’t do this without changing our current path. We must stop levying burdensome taxes on our true job creators. We must put an end to the runaway spending and debt. And we must focus on putting an end to the continued government expansion that is harming job growth.

Minnesotans are working hard to keep their job and live within their means, despite this difficult times. Why shouldn’t Washington do the same?


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