According to, MN has 19 Congressional Districts

I love representing Minnesota’s Third Congressional District, but who knew there were so many more Congressional districts in Minnesota?  According to “”, the Administration’s website that is supposed to highlight the positive impact of the misguided stimulus, Minnesota apparently has 11 more Congressional Districts they can be proud of today!  The website lists Minnesota’s 27th, 9th, 57th, 12th, 14th, 22nd, 11th, 42nd, 20th, 13th, and 00 (seriously, look below).

And if this wasn’t enough, look at how much they say the government has spent versus how many jobs created in the 3rd District.  Regardless of the fact that the jobs “saved or created” measurement is virtually impossible to verify, even if these numbers are accurate the government would have spent $638,763 PER JOB in the 3rd District alone. Not exactly the best return on investment.

The efforts to spin the stimulus as a positive piece of legislation have been underway for months, but this website is just another symbol of how the stimulus has been mismanaged and misrepresented, at the expense of almost a trillion dollars to taxpayers.
Below are the numbers listed for all of Minnesota’s “districts”.  You can also see the website for yourself HERE:


State/Territory Summaries

Top Congressional Districts Jobs Amount
4th congressional district 10,812.6 $764,468,476
5th congressional district 458.4 $458,174,244
8th congressional district 828.7 $313,308,912
7th congressional district 1,056 $298,918,610
1st congressional district 460.2 $255,148,301
3rd congressional district 305 $194,822,857
2nd congressional district 156 $157,682,226
6th congressional district 187.5 $141,416,755
27th congressional district 2.5 $3,159,857
9th congressional district 0.8 $2,249,950
57th congressional district 35 $606,956
00 congressional district 0 $404,340
12th congressional district 0 $322,479
14th congressional district 6 $299,527
22nd congressional district 0 $222,012
11th congressional district 0.5 $87,116
42nd congressional district 0.3 $69,544
20th congressional district 0.2 $55,262
13th congressional district 5 $42,109



One response to “According to, MN has 19 Congressional Districts

  1. It appears that the site numbers have been corrected.

    I actually met with our school districts Director of Special Ed last summer about the special ed stimulus funds coming to our schools these next two years. I came away real impressed with the plans the district had started to shape for these monies. There was _some_ discussion about using the funds to bring in a new staff person, but the district was warned that they shouldn’t create a new position unless they would be able to fund it after the 2 year stimulus was completed.

    Most of the discussion was about spending the money on technology, training, and off-setting the failure of the federal government to fulfull it’s commitment to Special Ed funding.

    I think your suggestion that money spent in our district divided by the number of jobs created is an important number misses the point of the stimulus bill by a wide margin. I would hope you would have more serious issues for you and your staff to spend time on.

    If you have a problem with President Obama, the stimulus bill, great, but make you issues of substance.

    I expect more from my congressman than this.

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